Monday, December 7, 2009

This Pregnancy

I don't know about this pregnancy. I am not gaining any weight. I am 16 weeks and you can't tell at all. It is so different than the pregnancy with the boys. I want it to be the same. I realize that I will always compare this baby to the twins, and it is not fair. I am also not as excited as I should be.


  1. Kayla,
    I can't imagine, but it has to be hard to be excited. I know I will feel the same way if and when we conceive again and it SCARES the bageezus out of me to even think about it, but I want a family so bad!!!
    Thinking of you and you baby!

  2. This pregnancy is different for me too. I'm happy about that. Maybe that means this one will live. I don't think we are as excited because we are scared out of our minds. We know what can happen. On top of that, still deeply grieving our first babies. Hang in there!

  3. How was your big u/s? Don't think I forgot about it. :)