Sunday, February 28, 2010

Third Trimester

Today we have entered the third trimester. I am really excited to meet this little baby girl. I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. I love feeling her move around. It is so fascinating. Both of my showers are coming up here in March, and I am so ready to start "nesting." Chad and I have thought about naming her Brooklyn Paige, but it is not a final decision yet. We got Paige from Gavin and Parker because they will always be apart of her life. I will keep you guys updated as we go.

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  1. Kayla, good to hear you are starting your classes. But of course there would have to be twin parents in the group. You are right you can never really escape it. Just try to focus on you and Chad and your special little girl. She needs you right now!! Keep me posted and stay strong. Denise S.